Casting Alert! Get Ready to Groan...

Casting Alert! Get Ready to Groan...

Nov 05, 2010

  •  Two Bad Casting Choices for the Price of One Word comes today that not only has dopey-looking Jeremy Renner been offered the role of Snake Plissken in the upcoming Escape from New York remake, Zac freaking Efron has been offered the role of badass Kaneda in a Hughes Bros. PG-13 live adaptation of the ultraviolent anime Akira. It’s six months til April Fool’s, so why is the joke on us already? UPDATE: According to The Wrap, Renner hasn't been offered diddly.

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In the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, what is the name of the character played by Javier Bardem

  • Wonder Woman
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  • Superman
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Captain Salazar