Case of the Mondays: Wonder Woman - Good or Bad?

Case of the Mondays: Wonder Woman - Good or Bad?

Mar 21, 2011

Welcome to Case of the Mondays, a weekly post that takes a look around Hollywood to see who's having the worst day.

Poor Wonder Woman. For years now fans have been hyping up her return to live-action awesomeness, with the hysteria peeking right around the time Joss Whedon was set to direct a new Wonder Woman movie. But then that fell apart, the campy DC character was sent down to development hell, and all was quiet on the WW front until recently, when there was word of a TV show.

Yes, a TV show! That's it! Because Americans aren't cynical enough when it comes to the nonsense they watch on TV, let's give them a Wonder Woman show to crap on immediately, even though the same people complaining are the same people who wanted to see this happen in the first place.

But whatevs, David E. Kelley (Doogie Howser, Ally McBeal) wrote up a pilot, Adrianne Palicki signed on to play the lasso-throwin' superhero, and all was right with the world ... until they released that first image.

Here are some actual comments from a post over at Fandango (with my comments in italics):

"She looks like a porn rip-off of Wonder Woman." Um, awesome?

"The costume really does look like a cheap Halloween costume." Okay, and which superhero costumes don't look like cheap Halloween costumes?

"What happened to the red boots?" Does it matter?

"I'd rather watch Gossip Girl!" Yuck, why?

"First of all, I'm glad to see she's not in the WW swimsuit." I'm not, break out that WW swimsuit!

"My husband thought she was the hottest thing since Wonder bread." I think your husband is onto something there ...

"She certainly seems to be trying too hard in that pose. She does not look like she can lasso anybody." I bet she could lasso me pretty easily.

"They definitely need a strong (with muscles) woman for the role." Muscles? Who wants to see Wonder Woman flex her pecs after benching 250 pounds of bad guys? Not me.

"The colors are off, it makes her figure look weird. Like her crotch is lower then it should be." Take note Hollywood: Pay more attention to crotch placement!

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