Case of the Mondays: Nicolas Cage's Latest Hit Results in Jail Time

Case of the Mondays: Nicolas Cage's Latest Hit Results in Jail Time

Apr 18, 2011

Welcome to Case of the Mondays, a weekly post that takes a look around Hollywood to see who's having the worst day.

Just when you thought it was impossible for Nicolas Cage to inject any more awesome into his daily diet, TMZ is reporting the actor was arrested over the weekend in New Orleans after getting into a screaming match with his wife, followed by a taunting match with the police. Based on the information available online, it seems Cage got into a fight with his wife when the two disagreed on where their rental property was located. She thought it was in one direction, he thought it was in another, and a passing cab driver thought they were both nuts since he's the one who alerted police to the disturbance after witnessing Cage grab his wife's arm and drag her off like any good caveman would do if put in a similar position.

When police arrived on the scene, Cage began taunting them -- daring the boys in blue to arrest him ... because what else would Nicolas Cage do? Like this guy is sane enough to quietly calm down, apologize for causing a disturbance and go about his way. No way -- this is Nicolas "Balls to the Wall" Cage; he don't bow down for no man, woman, child or police officer. So, after the cops repeatedly asked Cage to go home -- and Cage repeatedly refused while daring them to arrest him -- the actor was finally taken into custody and booked on domestic abuse and disturbing the peace charges. He was later released on bail, but not after posing for a mug shot with his eyes closed.

Oh well, too bad Cage's first hit in years resulted in him being arrested.

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