Case of the Mondays: Natalie Portman's Non-Dancing Targeted in Black Swan Scandal

Case of the Mondays: Natalie Portman's Non-Dancing Targeted in Black Swan Scandal

Mar 28, 2011

Welcome to Case of the Mondays, a weekly post that takes a look around Hollywood to see who's having the worst day.

Ooohh, there's nothing like a good old-fashioned ballerina scandal to start our week off right. So Black Swan came out, scarred most audiences for life, and Natalie Portman won a Best Actress Oscar for a role that almost killed her (seriously, the girl weighed like 10 pounds by the end of production). Our story should end here, with Portman going from Oscar winner to "Hey, that's the chick from Thor!" -- but, alas, you knew there was a Ballerina Smackdown just waiting to explode out of this mother.

And so it has, beginning with comments made by Sarah Lane, a ballerina in the film who was apparently used (in part) as a body double for Portman's more difficult dancing scenes. She recently came out slamming Portman, saying she barely accounted for 5% of the dancing scenes. Naturally, those involved in the film -- including Portman's fiancee, Benjamin Millepied, as well as director Darren Aronofsky -- have quickly come to Portman's defense, claiming (among other things) that Natalie is responsible for 85% of the movie.

Why is this such a big deal when professionals step in for actors all the time? Probably because Lane was sick of Portman getting all the credit when she was the one doing most of the dancing. Apparently Lane was prevented from saying anything previously so as to not hurt Portman's Oscar chances ... because Hollywood is classy like that.

Sour grapes after the fact? Kind of. A pretty kick-ass ballerina girl-fight? No, not really. So what do we get out of this whole thing if Portman and Lane refuse a televised Dance Off? Well, you could just go to the real ballet and watch real ballerinas perform if you feel scammed and want more of the real thing. Or you can laugh that suggestion off and watch a teen mom go to jail on Teen Mom 2 tomorrow night. Ooohh, scandalous!

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