Case of the Mondays: Kevin Smith's Ongoing Airline Problems

Case of the Mondays: Kevin Smith's Ongoing Airline Problems

Dec 06, 2010

Welcome to Case of the Mondays! Starting today, every Monday I scour the internet in search of a celebrity having a worse day than you.

Filmmaker Kevin Smith is no stranger to airport "situations." Earlier in the year he caused quite the media storm when a Southwest flight kicked him off because of his weight. Now, almost one year later, Smith is back on the offensive after a Virgin America flight refused to let him board after he arrived at the gate 10 minutes before the scheduled flight time.

In a lengthy rant on his website, Smith attacks two men at the gate -- Manny and Erwin -- for not allowing him, his wife and pal Jason Mewes to board even though the plane was still technically at the gate. And the plane sat there ... and sat there ... for the entire duration of their calm argument with the gate attendants, who claim that because they weren't there when they closed the door, there was nothing they could do.

Notes Smith, "I told them, in a VERY polite manner, that I didn’t care about making the plane (even though it meant we’d be missing our kid’s first basketball game at school – a fact I didn’t share with them because if Manny and Erwin couldn’t give a fuck about me, their customer, what chance did Harley have of finding any compassion); all I cared about was my wife’s luggage…

Which was under the plane…

And contained her medication."

Kevin Smith is a very vocal personality, and he doesn't always see eye to eye with everyone, but how can you not side with the guy here? The airlines have no problem taking absurd amounts of money from you, continuously, for whatever stupid reason they dreamt up that morning (I'm half expecting a waiting-at-the-gate tax to pop up any day now), and yet they refuse to act like normal, reasonable human beings and help us out every once in awhile.

We pay them lots of money, and in return they give us headaches, awful turbulence and nasty attitudes. Hmph, kind of reminds me of Hollywood.

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