Weekend Chatter: What Did You Think of 'Cars 2' and 'Bad Teacher'?

Weekend Chatter: What Did You Think of 'Cars 2' and 'Bad Teacher'?

Jun 25, 2011

Before the final box office numbers are in for its opening weekend, it looks like Cars 2 has already set yet another Pixar record for being the first Pixar movie with a Rotten rating on Rotten Tomatoes. At 33% Rotten (as of this writing), Cars 2 will probably go down as the most poorly-reviewed Pixar film ever, though that certainly doesn't mean it won't make a lot of money or win over a ton of fans (mostly young boys, ages 10 and under).

Meanwhile, Bad Teacher is also riding the Rotten train, with 46% Rotten, despite some pretty hilarious trailers and what could be looked at as a big-screen comeback for Cameron Diaz. Are the critics wrong on these two films, or are they spot on this time around?

You know the drill -- feel free to use this open thread to chatter up a storm and tell us how you really felt about both Cars 2 and Bad Teacher ...

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