'Captain America 2' Chooses Its Director(s); Will MODOK be the Film's Villain?

'Captain America 2' Chooses Its Director(s); Will MODOK be the Film's Villain?

Jun 06, 2012

With The Avengers pulling in crazy box office numbers, it's pretty safe to say that each new day will bring more superhero news. Not even 24 hours after there's word of a Justice League movie, Marvel has returned fire with news [via THR] that Anthony and Joe Russo are close to becoming the directors on Captain America 2. Wait ... Anthony and Joe who? 

The Russo brothers are best known from their work in TV on Community and Arrested Development, but they've also directed films like You, Me & Dupree, which doesn't exactly scream superhero action movie. However, they apparently scored major points on a storyboard presentation, come at a relatively cheap price and could add a lot of relatable character moments to the sequel, which is what Joss Whedon's strong point was on The Avengers. 

Great, we're in business on Captain America 2 ... but what's it about? We know Cap is holed up in modern-day Brooklyn at the moment, and the sequel will most likely pick up then, perhaps with flashbacks to World War II. But a few new pics from the set of Iron Man 3 may give us a larger clue as to the focus of Captain America 2, which hits theaters on April 4, 2014.

possible spoilers below ...

Yup, Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM) is playing some sort of role in Iron Man 3, based on several pics snapped on location in North Carolina. We're not sure how the famous terrorist organization from the comics is being used, but we do know that longtime Captain America villain MODOK was created there before going on to battle Cap on several occasions. 

Add this to the fact that last summer Captain America 2 co-writer Christopher Markus said he wanted MODOK as the villain in the sequel -- with Peter Dinklage playing him -- though he was having a tough time convincing folks to make that happen. He said, "I love MODOK and I think you could make a terrifying movie with MODOK but nobody seems to be on my side at the moment. I will win you over to Peter Dinklage as MODOK. If he came around the corner and you saw him floating there you would be terrified. It would be amazing. (They) really pulled off the Red Skull. It doesn't look like a mask. It looks like it's fully integrated into his flesh. And I want to see what they can do with MODOK."

So will Iron Man 3 help set up the villain for Captain America 2? Is MODOK that villain? Will Peter Dinklage -- whose star is massive right now thanks to Game of Thrones (whose season finale director, Alan Taylor, is helming Thor 2, might we add)  -- play MODOK? Obviously we're counting several chickens before they hatch, but it's something to think about as we await more news. [via CBM, LA Times]

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