Capt. Kirk's first post-Trek movie. Plus, hot teenagers facing grisly Nascar death traps!

Capt. Kirk's first post-Trek movie. Plus, hot teenagers facing grisly Nascar death traps!

Jun 09, 2009

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    The Final Destination They Use the Word “Final” Loosely The first one was called Final Destination, so of course it makes sense that the fourth one is called The Final Destination. Final Destination 4 would not have made any sense at all. Good job, marketing team. Watch a bunch of no-names bite it in this trailer. Even though this movie will absolutely blow huge chunks, I gotta admit the way the one chick dies in the car wash is pretty awesome.
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    Spider-Man 4 Non-Spoiler Alert Aaaaaaand here’s the least exciting teaser poster ever. But at least they understand the concept of putting a “4” in the name of the fourth movie.
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    Kevin Spacey How Does This Trailer Make You Feel? Remember in the ‘90s when Kevin Spacey used to be in good movies and stuff? I think this trailer might mark a sort of almost mini comeback.
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    Short Circuit

    Short Circuit An ‘80s Remake That Might Not Totally Suck I mean, the bar here is pretty low. This is Short Circuit we’re talking about. I sincerely hope they keep the scene in the original where Johnny 5 proves he’s the world’s most advanced robot by making a Gin & Tonic.
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    Chris Pine Choo Choo Choose Not to Watch This Chris Pine just signed on to star with Denzel Washington in a flick about a couple train engineers who have to stop a train filled with combustible liquids and poison gas. So basically it’s another Saturday morning at the Amtrak station.

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