Can Zombies Make Geography Interesting? One Teacher Tries to Bring Zombie-Based Learning to Classrooms Everywhere

Can Zombies Make Geography Interesting? One Teacher Tries to Bring Zombie-Based Learning to Classrooms Everywhere

May 10, 2012

Zombie-based learning kickstarter

If you ever sat through a geography class in junior high or high school thinking to yourself “there’s no way on Earth this subject could ever be interesting,” teacher David Hunter is here to prove you wrong.

Hunter, a public school teacher who shares the joys of English and Social Studies with his students, has come up with a way to make the study of geography more interesting – by framing it within the narrative confines of the zombie apocalypse.

To this end, the teacher has launched a Kickstarter program to fund what he’s calling “Zombie-Based Learning.” Using the zombie apocalypse as a backdrop, Hunter will make the study of geography and various other cultures more interesting to students who aren’t entirely engaged by the traditional teaching methods. He outlines the major overview of his initiative in the video below, and we’re officially impressed. We could easily see Jr. High and high school-aged students being interested in the subject matter.

Rather than study maps and dry facts from a textbook, Hunter’s program takes geographical knowledge and allows students to apply it in practical terms geared toward surviving the zombie outbreak and reforming society in its wake. It’s learning by completing projects and doing things as opposed to the memorization and regurgitation paradigm that has become so beloved by learning institutions over the years.

Hunter is looking to raise $5,000 to get the project up and running, which will fund illustrators, book production costs, and more. If he exceeds the goal, the tools for teachers only get better – so give as much as you can. Those worried that this will only benefit students Hunter teaches shouldn’t worry – the program will be available to other educators as well.

Even if you don’t care about donating to public education, think of it from a selfish perspective – if the zombie outbreak happens, we need young leaders who’re prepared to deal with the walking dead. This program could be a key component in getting the future generation prepped for such a disastrous event – or maybe it will just help kids be better able to find foreign countries on a map. Both causes seem worthy of our support.

Check out Hunter’s Zombie-Based Learning Kickstarter by clicking here.

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