Can You Guess These Christmas Movies Based on Their Cropped Movie Posters?

Can You Guess These Christmas Movies Based on Their Cropped Movie Posters?

Dec 20, 2012

Welcome to Poster-Crop Quiz, our weekly nerd-infused game that asks you to guess movies based only on a small portion of their cropped poster. It's time to test how much you really know about your favorite movies.

Grab your Santa spectacles, down your fifth cup of eggnog, and stuff THIS in your stocking. It's the most wonderful poster crop challenge of the year! We've assembled the ghosts of Christmas-movie past and present to bring you a batch of cropped posters designed to bake your mental gingerbread. As always, look over the images and see if you can identify all 10 posters, then list your guesses in the comment section. The first person to correctly identify all the posters goes on the Perpetually Nice List; not a bad place to be if you love being naughty, but hate lumps of coal. Congrats go out to commenter Drew for correctly guessing all of last week's sci-fi posters (see a full list of last week's answers below).

To kick things off correctly, we present to you what's possibly the best movie about accidentally abandoning your child at Christmas. Home Alone taught us why cheese pizza rules, what makes furnaces so scary, and how to rid your house of burglars using only your wits, a blowtorch and a few paint cans.
Ready, set, ho ho go! 
Here's a list of last week's answers...
1. Logan's Run
2. The Matrix
3. Metropolis
4. Blade Runner
5. Jurassic Park
6. Planet of the Apes
7. Minority Report
8. The Fifth Element
9. The Fountain
10. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

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