Can You Guess the First Movie to Feature Coca-Cola Product Placement?

Can You Guess the First Movie to Feature Coca-Cola Product Placement?

May 15, 2012

Oh, product placement -- what would we do without you wagging product in our face while we're trying to pay attention to an important plot twist? One of the most notorious for product placement over the years has been Coca-Cola, who've managed to fit their beverage into what feels like every other movie ever made. But just how many movies has Coca-Cola taken part in, and which one was the first? 

Here's a terrific infographic from AnyClip, which details the history of Coca-Cola product placement in the movies, beginning as far back as 1933 when the first piece of Coca-Cola product placement was used on a King Kong billboard in Times Square. There are some pretty cool facts on this thing, like the first use of Coca-Cola as a plot point in a movie, or the first appearance of Diet Coke in a film (1989, When Harry Met Sally). 

Check it out (and here's hoping it doesn't make you too thirsty while reading) ... [via GeekTyrant]

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