Buy This: Jack Nicholson and Steve Buscemi ... In a Dress

Buy This: Jack Nicholson and Steve Buscemi ... In a Dress

Jul 14, 2011

Black Milk Clothing is an indie company known for their unique leggings, which are available in a variety of amazing fabrics and designs, but it's their movie-related garb that has caught our attention lately. We recently told you about their groovy Jaws/Little Mermaid swimsuit, and now the company is sporting some new dresses that will have fans of Reservoir Dogs and The Shining covered. For those folks looking for their own Mr. Pink, the "Steve" dress will be the perfect bait. If you're more of the type to want to be chased through a hedge maze and tortured with a butcher knife through a bathroom door (and really, who isn't?), The Shining dress should get the job done. Of course, wearing Jack Nicholson and Steve Buscemi's giant faces plastered across your bod might be too creepy for you to manage, but sometimes fashion is pain.


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