Buy This: An Inception-Style Top That Keeps Spinning

Buy This: An Inception-Style Top That Keeps Spinning

May 31, 2011

Do a quick Google search and you can find plenty of places online selling recreations of the spinning top from Inception, but all of those have got nothing on the version ThinkGeek has designed.  Why?  Because the ThinkGeek version never stops spinning once you start it.

Okay, so "never" may be a bit of an exaggeration.  The time frame is actually more like a week, but still, imagine calling someone into your office for a meeting and giving the top a casual spin only to have it keep spinning throughout the entire meeting.  If they bring it up, just ignore it.  Just pretend like they're crazy.  Continue to hold meetings throughout the week, but make sure you never call attention to it and if they ask if you've seen Inception, deny everything.

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