Buy This: Authentic VHS Coffee Tables

Buy This: Authentic VHS Coffee Tables

Apr 10, 2012

As more cult films are finding re-releases through boutique labels, we're seeing an increase in VHS cuts of our favorite movies (and a few that should have been left in cassette tape purgatory). We recently spotted these hefty, wooden VHS coffee tables on technabob, which proves that the chunky tapes are still fresh in the hearts and minds of movie geeks everywhere.

The massive, limited edition tables are handcrafted from Indonesian teak wood and feature intricately carved details mimicking the trademark plastic shell, flip-up cover, spools, and other details your video-riffic self knows and loves. Creator T76 Design has also carved handwritten titles on the labels for authenticity — including several that have been crossed out and a few that look like ballpoint pen scribbles. We may have to give them hell for "taping over" Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back for Police Academy 4, though.

If you'd like to own a piece of VHS nostalgia for your living room, the 80-pound tables (that measure approximately 49″ (W) x 25.5″(D) x 16″ (H)) are selling for $1,980 plus shipping. Write to order[at] for more details, or just ogle them and wish you had a bountiful bank account.





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