Buy This: 'The Gloucester 18' (or 'Teen Mom: The Movie'), Prescreen's Featured Movie of the Day

Buy This: 'The Gloucester 18' (or 'Teen Mom: The Movie'), Prescreen's Featured Movie of the Day

Sep 30, 2011

Though it's in no away affiliated with MTV's Teen Mom, those fans craving more teen mom entertainment now that the popular TV series has ended its latest season can find it in the documentary The Gloucester 18, which is available to buy for $4 today via Prescreen. In a recent story, we told you how Prescreen was a new site that was launching where you could submit your film for the chance to be featured on the site. What they then do is choose to feature one new film each day -- offering it up for a $4 purchase -- and then after that 24-hour window, it jumps to $8 to purchase. Each film will exist on the site for 60 days.

Today's featured film is The Gloucester 18, which follows that group of eighteen teenage girls from Gloucester, Massachusetts who were accused of forming a pregnancy pact in 2008. Remember them? They made a Lifetime movie about them, and now you can hear many of the girls speak about the accusations and what really went down for the first time in this documentary.


Directed by John Michael William, here's the official synopsis:

In 2008, a group of eighteen high school girls from Gloucester, Massachusetts were accused of making a pact to become pregnant. Public outcry ensued, and the girls became the nation’s most infamous teen mothers. But as the community shut its doors to the media, the truth behind whether there had been a pact or not was never revealed—until now.

“The Gloucester 18” tells the stories of the girls involved, most of whom are speaking for the first time publicly, chronicling their struggles, missteps and triumphs along the way to becoming teenage mothers—all against the backdrop of a shocking scandal.

This groundbreaking documentary film is the definitive investigation into the Gloucester pregnancy pact, and the only place to see the truth behind the media hype. “The Gloucester 18” chronicles teen motherhood through the eyes of these girls. Deemed villains by much of America, they are in fact children having children, and doing their best to survive it.

The trailer featured on Prescreen is not embeddable, but here's an older one for you to check out.

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