Buy Me, Rent Me, Forget Me Tuesday: From Youth in Revolt to The Book of Eli

Buy Me, Rent Me, Forget Me Tuesday: From Youth in Revolt to The Book of Eli

Jun 15, 2010

This week: Michael Cera still has arrested development while Denzel Washington goes on a pilgrimage with a higher purpose.

Youth in Revolt: Michael Cera has pretty much played the same character over and over again in movies like Juno and Superbad. Here he plays an awkward teen who develops an alternate personality—a reckless, smoking Frenchman named Francois—to impress Portia Doubleday. Yes movie watchers, this is yet another of those flicks where someone engages with an "imaginary friend" whom no one else can see because, you know, that happens all the time. Familiar faces like Steve Buscemi, Ray Liotta, Justin Long and Fred Willard are onboard for some funny comic bits, but this teen-angst comedy is all about Cera's duality. Extras: Both the DVD and Blu-ray contain audio commentary by director Miguel Arteta, deleted scenes, deleted and extended animated sequences and audition footage. Blu-ray Bob's Verdict: Rent Me

The Book of Eli: Denzel Washington plays a missionary man you don't want to mess with in this post-apocalyptic action picture where he believes God wants him to take the last Bible on earth out west. First he must pass through a dangerous barter town ruled by the tyrannical Gary Oldman, who coincidentally would kill to get his hands on a Bible because of the book's long history of having the power to control weak-minded fools. Too bad this preachy Hughes brothers effort ends up being about as much fun as a trip to Sunday school. Extras: Both the DVD and Blu-ray contain deleted scenes and an animated short; the BD has some additional featurettes and BD-Live capability. Blu-ray Bob's Verdict: Forget Me

When in Rome: In this run-of-the-mill rom-com, Kristen Bell plays a pretty New Yorker who plucks some magic coins out of a fountain of love while on vacation in Italy. Soon a pack of unlikely suitors wants some sexy time with the leading lady, but only dashing reporter Josh Duhamel catches her attention. Gee, do you think they'll end up together? Extras: Both the DVD and Blu-ray contain deleted scenes, a blooper reel and music videos; the BD adds more deleted scenes, an alternate opening and ending, extended scenes and "Crazy Casanovas: Mischief from the Set." Blu-ray Bob's Verdict: Forget Me

Showgirls: 15th Anniversary Sinsational Edition: This trashy Paul Verhoeven-directed epic about the behind-the-curtains drama of Vegas showgirls has evolved into the ultimate cult film since it crashed and burned in theaters 15 years ago. Nomi Malone (Elizabeth Berkley) is a mysterious drifter whose hunger for fame causes her to gun for the lead in the Stardust's Goddess show, headlined by a lascivious bisexual Texan named Cristal Connors (Gina Gershon). It all plays out like a fractured version of All About Eve as Nomi learns how to pronounce "Versace," perfects her nail-painting technique, chokes down brown rice and vegetables, and has the orgasm of the millennium in a pool with Kyle MacLachlan. Berkley's career wasn't Saved By the Bell after her unforgettably over-the-top performance here, but sometimes an epic fail is epic fun to watch. Extras: Both the DVD and the Blu-ray debut contain "Pole Dancing: Finding Your Inner Stripper," a lap dance tutorial featuring the girls from Scores, "The Greatest Movie Ever Made" audio commentary by David Schmader, "A Showgirls Diary" and a trivia track. Blu-ray Bob's Verdict: Buy Me (and leave your inhibitions at the door)

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