Buy Me, Rent Me, Forget Me Tuesday: From The Bounty Hunter to Greenberg

Buy Me, Rent Me, Forget Me Tuesday: From The Bounty Hunter to Greenberg

Jul 13, 2010

This week: Jennifer Aniston runs around in circles while Ben Stiller taps into his dark side.

The Bounty Hunter: The most interesting thing—if you can call it that—about this desperate rom-com is the possibility that unlucky-in-love Jennifer Aniston hooked up with Lothario Gerard Butler during filming. The movie itself, however, features Aniston acting like that same slightly irritated character she always plays who runs around in tight outfits, flicks her hair, and bugs her eyes out in indignation at her suitor—a Friends-era shtick that is so tired. This time she plays a felon (?!) out on bail who blows off her court appearance and is pursued by stud bounty hunter Butler. Don't expect much action—instead there are endless shots of the two leads doing an embarrassing courtship ritual for your in-flight entertainment. Best extras: Both the DVD and Blu-ray contain "Rules for Outwitting a Bounty Hunter," a making-of featurette and a look at the locations used. Blu-ray Bob's Verdict: Forget Me—fast

Greenberg: Perhaps disappointed by the movie's non-A Night at the Museum box office take, Universal redid the cover for the DVD and Blu-ray of this Ben Stiller indie to make it look like a whimsical romantic comedy, but don't be fooled. This cringe-inducing film by writer-director Noah Baumbach (The Squid and the Whale) stars Stiller as a smarmy bastard who is having a midlife crisis as he house-sits for his more successful brother in Los Angeles. It's easily Stiller's most fearless role in years, but this sort of dark comedy is for those who like their cinema a little more challenging than the casual moviegoer. Best extras: Both the DVD and BD contain a behind-the-scenes featurette, "Greenberg Loves Los Angeles" and "Noah Baumbach Take a Novel Approach." Blu-ray Bob's Verdict: Rent Me (if you're too smart for The Bounty Hunter)

Our Family Wedding: Fans of Ugly Betty's America Ferrera will be the only ones onboard for this awkward wedding comedy that brings together an African-American family and a Mexican-American family when Ferrera and Lance Gross choose to marry. Expect lots of lame jokes as blacks and Latinos misunderstand each other, or you could just hang out at a Los Angeles bus stop and experience the same thing for free. Best extras: Both the DVD and Blu-ray contain deleted and extended scenes, a gag reel and the "Til Dads Do Us Part" featurette. Blu-ray Bob's Verdict: Forget Me (and buy a bus pass)

Assault on Precinct 13 (2005) (Blu-ray): One of the last former HD DVD exclusives for Universal to port over to Blu-ray is this exciting remake of John Carpenter's prison flick starring Ethan Hawke, Drea de Matteo and John Leguizamo. Detroit's run-down Precinct 13 is closing its doors forever during a blizzard, but the arrival of a busload of lethal prisoners coincides with a rogue gang on the outside trying to bust their way in. If anyone is going to survive the night, the policeman played by Hawke has to start thinking like a criminal and might have to trust one, too. Best extras: Several behind-the-scenes featurettes, deleted scenes and a commentary track. Blu-ray Bob's Verdict: Buy Me

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