Buy Me, Rent Me, Forget Me Tuesday: From How to Train Your Dragon to Jonah Hex

Buy Me, Rent Me, Forget Me Tuesday: From How to Train Your Dragon to Jonah Hex

Oct 12, 2010

This week: A dragon is a boy's best friend in DreamWorks' latest animated film and Megan Fox nails her role as a prostitute.

How to Train Your Dragon: DreamWorks' latest animated offering is set in a mythical world where gruff Vikings train their younglings to slay dragons…just because. Teenaged Hiccup (voiced by Jay Baruchel) is a peaceful soul who becomes something of a "dragon whisperer" after he shoots down a rare Night Fury dragon, befriends it and names it Toothless. A dragon proves to be a boy's best friend, but when Hiccup's imperious father (voiced by Gerard Butler) gets wind that his son knows the location of the dragons' secret nest, Hiccup has to find a way to help the prejudiced Vikings see the dragons in a new light before the two groups destroy each other. If you have wee ones or a wee one's mindset, you'll be charmed by this film's message of tolerance and acceptance. Best extras: Both the DVD and Blu-ray contain a filmmakers’ commentary, “Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon,” several making-of featurettes, deleted scenes and “DWA Jukebox.” Exclusive to the Blu-ray are “Animators’ Corner” and a trivia track. Blu-ray Bob's Verdict: Buy Me

Jonah Hex: The critics' hive mind tore into this DC comic adaptation of the post-Civil War titular antihero (Josh Brolin) who has the ability to temporarily resurrect and commune with the dead, but this mercifully lean (81 minutes) popcorn adventure has its share of fun moments. Hex and his primo prostitute (Megan Fox) try to stop his arch nemesis, Quentin Turnbull (John Malkovich), from turning Washington D.C. into an explosive fireworks display the Union will never forget on the Fourth of July. This isn't The Dark Knight, but the final battle onboard Turnbull's ironclad is more rousing than, say, the pitiful final faceoff in Iron Man 2. Best extras: Both the DVD and Blu-ray contain deleted scenes; the BD adds "The Inside Story of Jonah Hex" and "The Weird Western Tales of Jonah Hex." Blu-ray Bob's Verdict: Rent Me

Holy Rollers: Jesse Eisenberg is currently number one at the box office for playing the creator of Facebook in The Social Network. In this small drama also based on real-life events, Eisenberg plays Sam Gold, a Hasidic Jew from an Orthodox Brooklyn community who gets involved in a drug-trafficking operation in which Hasids were used as mules to smuggle ecstasy from Europe to the United States in the late Nineties. As Sam cuts off his Hasidic locks and becomes more and more immersed in a decadent party world of drug-induced highs, he slowly begins to realize that this life is as poisonous and empty as the mindless techno permeating every club he drifts into. Best extras: The DVD contains director and cast commentary with Eisenberg and Justin Bartha, five deleted scenes and interviews with Eisenberg and Bartha. Blu-ray Bob's Verdict: Rent Me

Lost Boys: The Thirst: He's ba-aack. Yes, original The Lost Boys star Corey Feldman brushes off his wooden stakes as vampire hunter Edgar Frog in this second sequel to the 1987 fan favorite. Although this straight-to-video entry is a bloody improvement over its stinky predecessor, Lost Boys: The Tribe, this sequel's flashbacks of the original movie and Feldman's monotone delivery in that forced-bass growl only draw attention to how far the series has drifted from director Joel Shumacher's original. Best extras: Both the DVD and Blu-ray have "Charisma Carpenter Hosts the Art of Seduction: Vampire Lore." The BD adds "What Is the Thirst?," "How to Kill a Vampire with Edgar Frog," and "The Return of the Frog Brothers Hosted by Corey Feldman." Blu-ray Bob's Verdict: Forget Me

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