Buy Me, Rent Me, Forget Me Tuesday: From the Blu-ray Debuts of the Back to the Future Trilogy and Alien Anthology to Sex and the City 2

Buy Me, Rent Me, Forget Me Tuesday: From the Blu-ray Debuts of the Back to the Future Trilogy and Alien Anthology to Sex and the City 2

Oct 26, 2010

This week: The Future looks bright for Michael J. Fox, Ripley rules in high definition and Sarah Jessica Parker and the gals make a case for cosmos.

Back to the Future: 25th Anniversary Trilogy: The first must-own Blu-ray debut of the week features Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly, a teen who travels back in time to 1955 when his parents were his age. Christopher Lloyd plays the iconic Doc Brown—the crazed Einstein-haired doctor who assists Marty in his time-skipping adventures. In Part II the butterfly effect and paradoxes are explored, and Part III closes out the beloved sci-fi trilogy in the Wild West. Best extras: Audio commentaries, a six-part documentary, many behind-the-scenes featurettes, deleted scenes, music videos and photo galleries. Blu-ray Bob's Verdict: Buy Me

Alien Anthology: Sigourney Weaver's Lt. Ellen Ripley is one of the strongest female characters ever presented on film, and this slick six-disc set features the Blu-ray debuts of all four of her Alien films—Alien, Aliens, Alien3 and Alien Resurrection. Ripley's battles with nasty aliens with double jaws and acid for blood are sci-fi legend, and H.R. Giger's creation that hatches from a pod, attaches itself to a human host as a long-fingered facehugger only to have its egg burst through the chest of the unfortunate soul hours later is the stuff of continuing nightmares. Two versions of each film (a theatrical cut and an extended or director's cut) are presented here as well as over 60 hours of bonus features. "In space, no one can hear you scream," but you'll scream for this anthology, which is also available housed in a replica Alien pod. Best extras: Original screen tests of Weaver (read Blu-ray Bob's exclusive interview with Weaver tomorrow on Disc-y Business), unseen deleted scenes, thousands of still photographs from the Fox archives, the previously unseen cut of "Wreckage and Rage: The Making of Alien3" and much more. Blu-ray Bob's Verdict: Buy Me

Sex and the City 2: The first four seasons of HBO's Sex and the City were groundbreaking, funny and edgy as we watched four single Manhattan ladies (Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon) win and lose at the love game. As the foursome got older, the focus shifted to settling down, having babies, breast cancer and the pink elephant in the room: looming menopause. Suddenly Sex and the City wasn't so sexy, resulting in the first big-screen movie being a cosmo-fueled faux-feminist parade of fashion, sass and shrillness. This sequel is even more obnoxious as the middle-aged foursome pack up their pumps and head to Abu Dhabi where the liberated fashionistas clash with the Muslim culture. Best extras: Both the DVD and Blu-ray contain "Revisiting the '80s" and "Sex and the City 2 Soundtrack: In the Recording Studio with Alicia Keys;" the BD adds interviews with Parker and director Michael Patrick King, "The Men of Sex and the City," "Styling Sex and the City 2," "Marry Me, Liza!" and a commentary track by the director. Blu-ray Bob's Verdict: Forget Me (unless you already have the cosmos lined up and the gals coming over).

Also New This Week: Altitude, The Girl Who Played with Fire, Winter's Bone, CSI: NY—The Sixth Season, House (1977) and Tonight: 4 Decades of the Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson

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