Highly Stylized 'Bunraku' Gets Its First Official, Ass-Kicking Trailer

Highly Stylized 'Bunraku' Gets Its First Official, Ass-Kicking Trailer

Jul 22, 2011


If you don't already go to at least one film festival a year, I'd highly recommend you start-- and if you're a fan of eclectic films from around the world, I further recommend you start with Fantastic Fest.  What's great about any festival, not just FF, is that it'll expose you to films you've not only never heard of, but that the rest of the world may not get for months, and often times even longer than that.  Case-in-point, Guy Moshe's Bunraku.  This action flick, which has some truly wild production design, made a few stops around the festival circuit last fall (I caught it at FF), before disappearing into the world of distribution acquisition.  

It's coming out this September 30th, however, which means anyone who has been hearing about the film can finally get their first, official look at it (a low quality sales trailer leaked online earlier this year, but AICN premiered the legit trailer today).  If you've got no idea what Bunraku is, however, it's simple: the future has gone to Hell (albeit a very cool looking Hell loaded with hyper-saturated colors), guns are outlawed and the sword has once again become the law of the land.  It stars Josh Hartnett, Kevin McKidd, GACKT, Woody Harrelson, Ron Perlman and Demi Moore.  Oh, and did we mention it's got a hyperreal visual style?  

Check it out for yourself:

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