Buh-bye Miramax, Hello Mel, Titanic Sinks

Buh-bye Miramax, Hello Mel, Titanic Sinks

Jan 29, 2010

  •  Death of a Studio Erstwhile "indie" studio Miramax closed. Without the Weinsteins, who’s going to bully awards givers into voting for their movies?
  •  Down with the Ship In news that should surprise exactly nobody, James Cameron’s juggernaut Avatar beat his own Titanic in worldwide ticket sales with $1.3 bil. That blue tail better be awfully long, though—it’s still behind domestically, and there’s that little matter of inflation nobody wants to mention.
  • Just Kill 'Em All Lionsgate stole exercised an option to install Kevin Greutert as director of Saw VII 3D, though he was previously on track to helm Paranormal Craptivity—er, Activity 2—both coming out on Oct. 22. Sounds like a lose-lose, really.
  •  Comeback Kid After seven years Mel “Sugar Tits” Gibson returns to the screen with Edge of Darkness, and will reunite with Shane Black (Lethal Weapon) for a spy thriller called Cold Warrior. He’s also in that weird Beaver movie, has written a prison drama, and will direct Leo DiCaprio in a Viking movie where everyone speaks Old Norse. Which means he’ll have plenty of opportunity for skirmishes with reporters, like this one….
  •  The Ensemble to End All Ensembles Cinemablend brings us 12 terrifying clips from the ensemble rom-com Valentine’s Day, in which some 20 major stars juggle their terribly complex love lives in, oh, about 4-1/2 minutes each of screen time?
  •  Sundance Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

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