Buffy rumors, the next Office Space? and Captain Kirk's strange fetish

Buffy rumors, the next Office Space? and Captain Kirk's strange fetish

Apr 10, 2009

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    Mike Judge Did You Get That Memo? Everyone has that movie that, no matter how many times you’ve seen it, if you’re flipping channels and it’s on you end up watching it all the way through. Superbad. The Departed. And Office Space, which is pretty much the king of them all. Check out the trailer for Mike Judge’s new one, which looks like pretty much the same movie, only in a vanilla extract factory. I expect that before I die I will watch this flick approximately 900 times.
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    Buffy Get a Grip A friend of mine updated his Facebook status to “OMGOMGOMGOMG,” which in idiot-speak, I think, means, “I’m very excited to hear they’re finally making a Buffy movie.” After doing a little digging it turns out that Sarah Michelle Gellar is reportedly “considering” a script. Uh, yeah. Heard that before. In fact, I consider stuff all the time. I’m considering going to the gym to work out tonight. Doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen.
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    Jack Sparrow Less Is More Gore Verbinski is ditching the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie to get started on his adaptation of the underwater-city vid game. Now PotC4 is rudderless. After Indy IV and Fast & Furious, I propose a law that if the second and third installments of a trilogy get progressively worse, a fourth installment is banned.
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    Chris Pine Phasers Set to Stun Turns out Captain Kirk likes to hop in the sack with farm animals.
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    Venom Symbiotic Relationship There was exactly one interesting character in Spider-Man 3: Venom – and he’s getting his own spin-off. It’s about time the bad guys started getting their own movies. Here’s hoping the Bizarro Superman movie is more than a fanboy’s wishful thinking.

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