Here's a Story That Will Make You Like Bryan Cranston Even More

Here's a Story That Will Make You Like Bryan Cranston Even More

Nov 07, 2013

As if we all didn't already love Bryan Cranston enough, here's one more reason. Last year he was filming the crime thriller Cold Comes the Night in upstate New York when Hurricane Sandy made landfall on the East Coast. The set wasn't in the direct path of the storm, and they weren't going to be filming during it, but the producers felt it was best that everyone stay on location instead of going anywhere during the storm. Instead of hunkering down on his own and spending the idle time by himself, Cranston decided to make another movie while they were all waiting to get back to the feature.

The producers of Cold Comes the Night gave Cranston some suggestions, but he shot them down. He was already making a movie for them; he wanted this to be something that only the production assistants would be working on so they could flex some creative muscles on set. Cranston asked the PAs to submit a script to him without their names on them, he picked the one he liked best, and then he let the very lucky winner boss him around for an afternoon. The PA in question was an aspiring director named Brandon Polanco.

The script that got him the unexpected gig was called Writer's Block, and he'd written it the night of the hurricane after Cranston issued this challenge to the PAs. Naturally it's about a writer struggling with the writing process, which isn't exactly an untapped storyline, but something about Polanco's script must have stood out to win over Cranston. We wish you could tell you exactly what that was by showing you the whole short film, but you'll have to buy it on iTunes to find out. However, we do have the trailer, a behind-the-scenes video to share, as well as Polanco telling the site Filmmaking Review about how the whole thing came to be. If you like Cranston, or just a good story about a once-in-a-lifetime moment on a movie set, check 'em out.

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