'Beverly Hills Cop 4', 'Top Gun 2' and 'Bad Boys 3' Are Giving Jerry Bruckheimer Sequel Fever

'Beverly Hills Cop 4', 'Top Gun 2' and 'Bad Boys 3' Are Giving Jerry Bruckheimer Sequel Fever

Sep 13, 2013

Jerry BruckheimerHollywood megaproducer Jerry Bruckheimer isn’t letting the box office disappointment of The Lone Ranger get him down too much. The man who gave us some of the biggest blockbusters of the past two decades is already focusing on his next projects, and a return to his action-film roots appears to be in order.

Variety has the latest scoop on Bruckheimer’s latest endeavors and all of them are sure to sound familiar to movie fans. The man who rose to fame producing films with the late Don Simpson is apparently set to revisit some of those classic projects – provided all the details with the talent are resolved to his satisfaction.

The latest title Bruckheimer is reportedly circling is the long-delayed Beverly Hills Cop 4. The fourth installment in Eddie Murphy’s cop franchise has had a rocky road through development (the TV spin-off went to pilot but didn't get picked up), but things appear to be heating up anew now that Bruckheimer could return to produce (he was not involved in the uninspired third film in the series). No word yet on who might helm (Brett Ratner’s name has been tossed around), but the project does appear to have found a new lease on life.

Bruckheimer intends to mine another of his ‘80s hits with the much-discussed sequel to Top Gun still in the works. That project seemed to be gathering momentum before director Tony Scott’s unexpected suicide in 2012.

If that weren’t enough to keep Bruckheimer busy, word has surfaced that he’s also hard at work developing the script for Bad Boys 3, which will see Michael Bay reteam with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

Finally, there’s always Pirates of the Caribbean – the wildly popular Disney franchise will have another installment in 2016, which will find Bruckheimer once again reuniting with Johnny Depp.

Personally, I don’t know that we really need any of these sequels – but I’m most interested in seeing if Murphy can recapture the magic that made him a global superstar in a new Beverly Hills Cop film. The cynic in me says “no way”, but you never know.

Do any of these upcoming Bruckheimer joints catch your eye? Let us know in the comment section. 





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