Watch: 10-Year-Old Bruce Lee in His First Starring Role

Watch: 10-Year-Old Bruce Lee in His First Starring Role

Apr 12, 2013

Bruce Lee in The KidWhen you mention Bruce Lee, everyone thinks of the star of Fists of Fury – the ripped physique, the intense stare, the incredible martial arts skill -- but Lee was acting for decades prior to launching his all-too-brief stint as an action star. Today, we’re sharing a cool clip of the performer from the 1950 film The Kid.

This feature marks the 10-year-old Lee’s first starring role, as he plays Kid Cheung – a street-smart child who outsmarts all the numbskull adults in his town while falling under the influence of a local Triad gangster. Based on a popular comic, the film showcases Lee’s irrepressible charm – even at an early age.

Check out a clip (and the entire film) below and you’ll see some of the mannerisms that would later turn up in the actor’s more famous features (seeing a child Bruce Lee swagger is hilarious and charming). While he doesn’t bust out the nunchucks or kick anyone through a wall, this is still vintage Bruce Lee – and fans will certainly want to give it a look to see how even at an early age, the actor was already showing promise.

[via Open Culture]

And in case you want to watch the entire film, we've embedded it here.


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