Watch: Guy Gets Bruce Campbell to Help Propose to Girlfriend at Comic-Con

Watch: Guy Gets Bruce Campbell to Help Propose to Girlfriend at Comic-Con

Aug 18, 2011

Last week we posted a really lame Comic-Con proposal that featured some guy asking his girlfriend to marry him in the middle of the convention center floor. Not only were they not in costume (FAIL points), but he got down on one knee in some random corner between booths (more FAIL points) instead of, say, getting up on top of one of those Men in Black III vehicles and making a complete scene. That guy bummed us out with his lack of creativity, but we feel a lot better today after watching the stunt another dude pulled at the Chicago Comic-Con.

During some sort of Bruce Campbell-hosted panel, the Evil Dead actor brought this girl up on stage who at some point in the past had asked Campbell to sign her boob, but he didn't because her mother was present. After Campbell hit on her for a few minutes, pretending to have had his way with the girl after her mom left the scene, he brings her mohawk-wearing boyfriend on stage and ... well, watch the video below to see what happens next. (Our favorite part comes when Campbell escorts them off the stage, congratulates them, claims he's enjoyed all his "marriages" and says "Now that'll cost you ten thousand dollars."


[via Neatorama]

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