Watch: The Trailer for 'A Landscape of Lies,' the Award-Winning Movie That Started As a Tax Scam

Watch: The Trailer for 'A Landscape of Lies,' the Award-Winning Movie That Started As a Tax Scam

Mar 27, 2013

Scottish TV star Andrea McLean, who appears on what seems to be the British version of The View (a show called Loose Women), was conned into starring in a Brit gangster flick called A Landscape of Lies.

Four men and a woman behind the bizarre plot started out by convincing McLean and others that they were making a movie. The group told people that Hollywood stars like Jeremy Irons were attached to the million-dollar project, but their investment turned out to be a way to snag money in a tax-rebate scam to the tune of almost one million dollars. The film phonies even went so far as to create fake scripts, documents and a website.

"This gritty British drama is a complex exploration of lives that will draw you into their seedy world of power, lies and betrayal. The dark themes are subtly illuminated by the characters’ poignant stories. The storyline challenges people’s notions of what’s right and what’s wrong," the synopsis reads. That last sentence would have had us wondering, but we can see why people bought the story.

When British authorities became suspicious of the film, the fraudulent producers were forced to actually make the movie in question, which won an award at the 2012 Las Vegas Film Festival. Irony at work. If you want to see what the British Argo-esque movie looks like, check out a trailer for the fake film that fooled everyone. [via Daily Mail and Boing Boing]

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