Brian De Palma Returns to Direct 'The Key Man'

Brian De Palma Returns to Direct 'The Key Man'

Aug 19, 2011

Director of film favorites such as Carrie and the highly overrated Scarface, Brian De Palma, hasn't made a film since 2007's Redacted about the struggles of U.S. soldiers in Iraq and the media. He'll be returning to a political theme that is being described as "a throwback to paranoid '70s movies like Three Days of the Condor and Marathon Man." The Key Man, written by Joby Harold -- director/scribe on the medical thriller Awake -- will follow a single father who tries to evade U.S. government agents because of a secret he's carrying. According to Deadline, that secret is hidden inside his body.

"Paranoid" is something the director should be able to pull off in spades. Themes of obsession, exploitation, and a distrust of the establishment are prominent throughout his filmography. Judging from this plot description, it's hard to imagine how De Palma will manifest this top secret data inside his protagonist's body. Will there actually be some kind of file or chip à la David Cronenberg, or is the burden of information imagined completely?

Open Road Films will start production on The Key Man by the end of the year, but De Palma has suffered his share of development hell recently -- particularly with his remake of the French thriller Crime d'amour (Love Crime), re-titled as Passion. The film was schedule to start shooting this month, but so far hasn't been a go. Hopefully The Key Man hits the ground running, as it'd be great to wipe The Black Dahlia from memory.

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