Brett Ratner Wants You to Be Part of His Next Movie

Brett Ratner Wants You to Be Part of His Next Movie

Jun 16, 2011

brett ratnerBrett Ratner's taking a break from working on the Eddie Murphy action-comedy vehicle, Tower Heist, and producing the Tarsem Singh directed The Brothers Grimm: Snow White to team up with creative community Talenthouse for a new contest. Ratner is seeking minions aka a logo designer, actor, production assistant, assistant photographer, and female model in exchange for his expertise and advice on set.

The X-Men: Last Stand director needs a design for his production outfit, Rat Entertainment. He's seeking an animated logo that will be visible before every feature. If you lack a designer's know-how, but you've got some acting chops, you can submit your demo tape to be a featured extra in one of his upcoming movies. Do you prefer to stay behind the scenes? Vie for the chance to become a production assistant where you'll show him your film (hopefully he won't laugh at you) and watch him work on set. Finally, photographers can apply to be an assistant photog or a model (ladies only) for a shoot with fashion/art mag Treats!

The deadline is July 25, so get on it. You'll find out if you made the cut on August 24. If you end up a loser, the five highest voted submissions will win a DVD – which you can use as a coaster to secure the alcoholic beverage you'll be sobbing into.


Brett Ratner teams up with Talenthouse from Talenthouse on Vimeo.

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