Breaking Dawn in Two, Where the Real Karate Kid Is Now, Indiana Jones 5

Breaking Dawn in Two, Where the Real Karate Kid Is Now, Indiana Jones 5

Jun 09, 2010

  •  Breaking Dawn in Two It was pretty much a foregone conclusion that the last book in the Twilight series would be split into two movies, but Summit confirmed this officially Friday with the announcement that the first will be released Nov. 18, 2011 (and, we estimate, the second to come in summer of 2012). This should keep goth tweens (or will they be teens by then?) happy for awhile.
  •  "But cuddling's your favorite part!" An intervention turns Ralph Macchio from nice family guy to swearing, coke-snorting, hooker soliciting Hollywood bad boy to the tune of that goofy Where the Wild Things Are theme song by by Karen O and the Kids in this Funny or Die spoof. (via slashfilm)
  •  Indy 5? The next Indiana Jones adventure (you mean, there will be one after Crystal Skull? Having made $500 mil worldwide, you better believe it) looks like it'll be set in the Bermuda Triangle. Sounds like a pretty good idea, especially if Shia LaBeouf disappears into it.
  •  F-Bombs Away MTV issued an apology Monday for Sunday night’s curse-laden (100-plus words) movie awards show that handed New Moon a win in almost every category. Two words: F*** Twilight.
  • Muppets Are Go Jason Segel’s long-talked-about Muppets movie has a release date, if not a green light, according to EW. If all goes well, Kermit and Friends (along with a brand new muppet pal) will appear on the big screen for the first time since 1999 on Dec. 25, 2011.
  •  ”Oh Beeel! True Blood star and Anna Paquin squeeze Stephen Moyer has landed two movie roles opposite big stars: The Double with Richard Gere and The Big Valley with Jessica Lange. Hoping this won’t take a bite out of his role on the vampy show.

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