And the Award for Craziest Breaking Dawn Trailer Reaction Goes to ... This Girl!

And the Award for Craziest Breaking Dawn Trailer Reaction Goes to ... This Girl!

Jun 06, 2011

It's nice to see young people so passionate about and devoted to a particular film franchise (especially since it keeps them away from getting in trouble ... sometimes), but there's gotta be a limit when it comes to how much of yourself you give to, say, a trailer for the next Twilight movie. There's this one girl who's become somewhat famous on YouTube for posting her reactions to different pieces of Twilight marketing, most notably the movie trailers. Every time a trailer for a Twilight movie is released, Emma Clark (aka NuttyMadam) records herself watching the trailer for the first time.

And then things get scary.

We don't know how much of this shtick is an act or what, but regardless we definitely don't want to be sitting next to Emma during a screening of the next Twilight movie if we a) want to hear the dialogue, and b) want to remain in the theater for more than five minutes before being kicked out. You'll find more videos from Emma on her YouTube page -- and the actual Breaking Dawn, Part 1 trailer right over here -- but in the meantime, check out her reaction to the recently-released Breaking Dawn, Part 1 trailer below, and let us know whether you think she takes it a tad too far.


Note: This video is NSFW and contains foul language.


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