Breaking Dawn Release Date, Bieber Biopic

Breaking Dawn Release Date, Bieber Biopic

Aug 03, 2010

  •  Breaking News Those of you who assumed the final in the Twilight series would be a summer release, Summit has decided instead to put out Breaking Dawn in fall. Nov. 18, 2011 and Nov. 16, 2012, to be exact.
  •  Hair’s to You Oh, goody. Justin Bieber is making a 3D biopic, said to be similar to Eminem’s 8 Mile. The difference being Eminem’s actually good. Then again, who doesn’t want to see Bieber’s hair in 3D? Update: Documentary director Davis Guggenheim dropped out of the project Tuesday, probably because he was tired of this conversation: "You're doing WHAT? With WHO? Hahahah....."
  •  Ai, Dios Mio Is Will Ferrell filming his next movie entirely en Espanol? Casting is already under way for Casa de mi padre, or House of My Father, in association with the Funny or Die guys and intended for English audiences, not Telemundo. Could be hilarious, or a giant bomba.

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