The Last 'Twilight' Movie Poster You'll Ever See, Plus: Tickets for 'Breaking Dawn, Part 2' Now on Sale

The Last 'Twilight' Movie Poster You'll Ever See, Plus: Tickets for 'Breaking Dawn, Part 2' Now on Sale

Oct 02, 2012

Behold! After revealing snippets of the poster over the past few days, Summit Entertainment has finally let the vampire out of the bag by debuting the complete final poster for the Twilight movie to end all Twilight movies, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2. Due out on November 16, Breaking Dawn, Part 2 will be the final installment in a series of four Twilight films, bringing an end to the adaptations of Stephenie Meyer's three ridiculously popular books. 

Of course the success of the Twilight series leads us to believe we're not entirely done with this world, but we are definitely done watching the exploits of Bella (Kristen Stewart), Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Jacob (Taylor Lautner) on the big screen. So while this may not be the last Twilight movie poster we ever see, it'll be the last one we get for a good while as the powers that be decide whether or not to continue the franchise in some capacity.

In this final installment, Bella, Edward and Jacob must assemble various vampire covens from across the globe in order to fight the Volturi. Check out the poster below, and head over to Fandango to buy your tickets now as they officially went on sale yesterday.

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