Dialogue: 'Twilight' Stars Lutz, Greene, and Rathbone on 'Breaking Dawn Part 2's Fighting, Possible Reunion Show

Dialogue: 'Twilight' Stars Lutz, Greene, and Rathbone on 'Breaking Dawn Part 2's Fighting, Possible Reunion Show

Jul 13, 2012

It's Twilight's last appearance at Comic-Con, at least as far as anyone knows, so we sat down with several of the franchise's favorite actors - Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone, and Ashley Greene - to talk about the final film in the franchise, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2.

Movies.com: We are currently at Comic Con, the home of western showdowns, superheroes, and action. The end of Breaking Dawn Part 2 is an epic superhero showdown. What superhero reminds you most of your character?

Kellan Lutz: Fighting technique I’d have to say Carnage from the Spider-Man series or Venom. When he gets unleashed, Emmett just tears it up.

Jackson Rathbone: Captain American because of the way he fights, only change it to Captain Texas since that’s Jasper’s roots. In a lot of ways Jasper’s just very technically proficient because he’s done it so many times for just so long. He has a warrior’s mindset. He’s very strong and silent. He’s very quiet. There’s not a lot of superheroes that are very quiet. A lot superheroes are very (in a deep booming voice) “Take that bad guy!” Being clever plays here (points to head) Jasper is much more get it done without the talk. He is a man of few words. You mentioned Westerns. Jasper is the ultimate Clint Eastwood he never blinks.

Ashley Greene: I don’t know. Catwoman, maybe. Catherine Hardwicke made us all take cat lessons for Twilight. Alice is very stealth and nimble.

Movies.com: Jackson, one of the big themes of Breaking Dawn Part 2 is the protection of a child who is entirely innocent. Now that you are a new dad, does that theme resonate with you more so than when you were shooting the film?

Jackson: I think so. Instinct takes over. You have this little person and you hear that first cry and every little cell in my body suddenly turned over into being that protector. He’s so small and it’s all keep alive, keep alive at all costs. It’s absolutely an amazing feeling.

Movies.com: Ashley, there is always talk about how physical this series is for the guys, and how much work they had to do to bulk up. However is seems to me that Alice doesn’t get enough credit. Sure she’s sweet and nice and everyone’s best friend, but she does get to kick some serious butt this film. Can you talk about your prep for that?”

Ashley: She does kick-butt! Alice has gotten more and more active. Alice gets to do her fair share of action. It’s always interesting training for that because the thing about her is that she can foresee everything before it happens. And so you’re trying to make it look really easy because she knows what’s happening. The stunt choreographer, Jack, and I was literally having me doing the wax-on wax-off stuff with me making me close my eyes. I was using all my senses. It was really interesting and so much fun. Hopefully you get that sense when you watch Alice. The women in the franchise definitely did our fair share of training. The girls all got pretty competitive with each other in a fun way.

Movies.com: Kellan you mentioned that you have been looking forward to the Bella and Emmett wrestling scene for four years. What was it about that scene that made you want to film it so badly?

Kellan: That scene just really jumped out at me when I was reading the books. It was special because Emmett doesn’t really get one-on-one time with Bella. To have her be a vampire, that’s always what Emmett has been rooting for. He’s all “just change her already!” He’s been rooting for that for so long and when she is, he gets a bit cocky thinking his strength is his strength and no one can top it. So now comes along Bella who was always the clumsy human, and now she has these heightened skills and senses to the nth degree. It was just a special scene. Kristen really got into it. Kristen Stewart is much stronger physically than anyone would think, a lot stronger than I thought, it was amazing.

Movies.com: “At the Breaking Dawn press conference you all talked a bit about Bill Condon being an actor’s director and what a privilege it was to work with someone of his caliber. What was it specifically for you that you think Bill Condon did that make that kind of impact?

Kellan: For me personally, he took the time to ask us. He’s the newbie. We’ve had years and ample time developing our characters and bringing them to life. At the time what I appreciated and really loved was that he took the time to sit us all down and ask us. He would say , “Tell me about your character. Tell me how he thinks, and why he does certain things,.” And then after that we talked about the script. It was really nice to kick off that long process of the final movie in the right way like that. We were all on the same page. There wasn’t anyone trying to hurry up and play catch up we were all on the same page.

Ashley: It was really, really nice to have such a positive person to end this whole saga, and make it such an enjoyable process. He’s an incredible, award-winning director, but he came into this film and it was all about us, and all about how to make this the best film possible. Since he was so positive, he made it really fun to go to work. You could just see that he really loved this project, and that was a really nice feeling. He makes you smile, a big ray of sunshine.

Jackson: When we were in the Hall H panel and Bill was up there on a recording introducing the clip I was just smiling. He wasn’t even there with us, but that’s how much his presence does. I want a pocket-sized Bill Condon to just carry around---

Ashley: Exactly that’s so it. Anything he would ask for we’d do it. We would have done anything he wanted, “I’ll do more shoots, I’ll come back for ADR, Anything!

Movies.com: Would you be up for the series continuing in some way? Where would your character go?

Kellan: If the time was right I guess, but I think we are all ready to graduate. We all love our characters, but we are ready to see what’s next. It’s the perfect time to close this series.

Ashley: A reunion show will definitely happen at some time, you know it will. We’re all getting older, we can’t keep playing these characters.

Kellan I’d do something fun like a reunion show.

Jackson: You know they should do next? A musical. Twilight the musical. It should happen, and Muse should write it. It would be epic.

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