New 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Images, Plus Word on an Alternate Ending that will Shock Fans

New 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Images, Plus Word on an Alternate Ending that will Shock Fans

Aug 10, 2012

Although their real-life relationship is rocky after an indiscretion-turned-media feeding frenzy, on-screen couple KStew and Rpatz are as happy as can be in these new photos from Entertainment Weekly promoting the final chapter in the Twilight saga. We're still trying to figure out why the holiday photo of Jacob with Bella and daughter Renesmee (ugh, that name) features snacks since vampires don't eat Ritz crackers and salty meats (or any food for that matter). The ending of the film was apparently hotly discussed in the latest issue of EW, describing some changes that have been made. Apparently the turn of events surprised Pattinson, and author Stephenie Meyer was involved in the new closing chapter:

"Even devoted readers of Meyer's books are in for a pretty big shock in the final third of the film, when the plot strays from the last novel in a sequence dreamed up by Meyer and longtime screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg one night over dinner. 'When I first read the script, I got to that part and was like, 'What?'' Pattinson says. 'And then I had to go back a page.' Still, even those averse to change will be more than satisfied, and probably thrilled, by how the series ends. The actors certainly are. Says Pattinson, 'It does it a serious justice.'" 
Many of us here haven't read the books (this author included), so we're not sure how drastic the changes could actually be. If you've been faithful to the series — which has had some serious blah moments during its tenure — it sounds like keeping the faith is your best bet, especially considering Pattinson's stamp of approval. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 opens on November 16. 



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