'Breaking Dawn' Hacker Creates Her Own 'Twilight Saga' by Holding Press Conference as Studio Bites Back

'Breaking Dawn' Hacker Creates Her Own 'Twilight Saga' by Holding Press Conference as Studio Bites Back

Aug 05, 2011


One champion of the vampire film series has created her own Twilight Saga after she allegedly hacked into Summit Entertainment's online system to steal "photographs, unfinished images, and video footage" over a period of several months. (See our extensive report on the hack in our latest Breaking Dawn Countdown column.) Daiana Santia of Argentina admits that she did see the images, but that she did not hack into the system or distribute the pictures. She held a press conference trying to clear her name, but Summit is describing her actions as "a systematic attack" and claim she's been uncooperative to settle the matter in a quiet, private investigation with studio reps.
Summit maintains that Santia was " illegally accessing private/secure servers as well as personal email accounts" to obtain the under wraps material, which began appearing on the Internet in March. The studio met with the Santia family in May and June where the 24-year-old confessed that she accessed Summit's servers (with her attorney present). It was determined her actions were premeditated -- because it does seem odd that anyone would accidentally stumble onto a private server. Summit says Santia is refusing to allow tech experts to search her computer to determine if the info is still there, how it may have been distributed, and insist they're being reasonable and "prudent" in their actions. It should be noted that they've offered to have reps chosen by the accused present during the search in order to protect her privacy. Santia may end up filing a suit against the studio for harassment.
The matter of personal privacy is nothing to scoff at -- despite the accusations -- but it does seem strange that it took the studio months to realize they were being hacked, especially given the sensitivity of the material. Summit is apparently investigating other cases, so perhaps this is a matter of Santia taking the public fall for a leak in the system that isn't her fault. It definitely doesn't seem like a black and white issue, but where do you stand with this case so far? More importantly, can you remember a film that has inspired so much crazy before?
[hat tip to Movieline for all the details]

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