Image of the Day: The Best Possible Ending to 'Breaking Bad'

Image of the Day: The Best Possible Ending to 'Breaking Bad'

Sep 16, 2013

WARNING: Spoilers below!

If you're not currently watching the TV show Breaking Bad, then you're missing out on what's bound to go down as one of the greatest television programs of all time. This thing is a beast, and the final episodes are playing out like a street brawl tucked inside our minds, our hearts and our stomachs. It's riveting stuff; the sort of content that changes the way you think -- the way you feel. While the characters battle it out on the small screen, you fight your own twisted demons, torn between passionately hating someone and then rooting for their success at the same time. Needless to say, it's a show that entertains on many levels, and with only two episodes to go we're almost at its conclusion (though it'll take us many months to properly mourn this thing once it's truly over).

So what will the series finale bring? Who will remain alive, and who will die? We don't have those answers yet, but we do have this amazing image that at the very least gives us the kind of kick-ass ending that could later transition to the big screen. Hey, we still have time to completely revamp next year's RoboCop reboot, right? Because, well, this is kinda brilliant.

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