The Heartwarming Way Warner Bros. Is Using the 'Justice League' to Fight Cancer

The Heartwarming Way Warner Bros. Is Using the 'Justice League' to Fight Cancer

Jun 04, 2013

DC themed cancer treatments

It’s sad that we live in a world where children are afflicted with terrible diseases like cancer. There are probably few things more terrifying for a child than an extended hospital stay and chemotherapy, but the A.C. Carmago Cancer Center in Brazil has teamed up with Warner Bros. to make the experience a little less frightening.

The studio has used its DC Comics characters to re-create the children’s ward at the center, turning it into its very own Hall of Justice. Photos of Justice League characters adorn doors and line the hallways, helping to put kids at ease as they receive their treatment.

That alone would be pretty great, but this last detail is really ingenious. Chemotherapy treatment isn’t called chemo anymore – the medicine is delivered in a superhero-themed case and called Superformula. Patients are given comics wherein heroes like Batman lose their powers and must use this Superformula (created by very smart doctors) to recover. What a great idea.

While there’s still no guaranteed cure for beating cancer, having hope is an important part of overcoming the disease. Kudos to Warner Bros., DC Comics and the A.C. Carmago Cancer Center for setting this up. Check out a video of the program below.

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