Juno Temple Smokes Money in This Freakalicious Poster for 'The Brass Teapot'

Juno Temple Smokes Money in This Freakalicious Poster for 'The Brass Teapot'

Apr 04, 2013

What if you found a magical object that would give you riches but didn't require a genie or a leprechaun, rather simple, self-inflicted pain? Would you hit yourself in the hand with a hammer to get a couple hundred bucks? Would you get a tooth pulled without any anesthetic to buy a new car? That's the question The Brass Teapot asks.

A mystical device that gives money in exchange for violence may sound like the setup for a horror movie, but Ramma Mosley's feature film debut is actually a comedy, though obviously with a bit of a twisted sense of humor. It stars Juno Temple and Michael Angarano as a young couple in love but not a job between them. They hope to make some money by finding a random antique that might be worth something on The Antiques Roadshow and wind up snagging an innocuous brass teapot that they soon discover just so happens to spew forth money every time its owners hurt themselves.

It's our pleasure to debut the funky new poster for the film, which is available on Video On Demand right now and in select theaters starting Friday, April 5. Check it out below, as well as a trailer for the quirky comedy.

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