Update: Steven Spielberg Will Direct 'American Sniper' About the Life of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle

Update: Steven Spielberg Will Direct 'American Sniper' About the Life of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle

May 02, 2013

Update: Many wondered if a film adaptation of the life of Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle would be derailed by his surprise murder earlier this year (he and a friend were shot by a soldier with PTSD they had been coaching), but apparently the film is not only still moving forward, but it's attracted even bigger talent: Steven Spielberg will direct American Sniper as his next film.

The rest of the details haven't changed much from the first report below, only that the film is now set up at Warner Bros. and that Spielberg will direct and produce along with Andrew Lazar and Peter Morgan. Bradley Cooper is still attached to star as Kyle.

Once an actor hits a certain level of success, they found their own production company. It's an inevitable side effect of becoming a big name and makes developing one's own projects even easier. In the case of Bradley Cooper, the company is 22nd & Indiana and they've just set up their first project over at Warner Bros.: an adaptation of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle's autobiography, American Sniper.

Kyle is somewhat of a modern legend both home and abroad. He holds America's record for highest number of confirmed sniper kills (the disclosed number is 150, though the unofficial body count is believed to be even higher), earning not only the utmost respect of his fellow SEALs, but the nickname "Al-Shaitan" ("The Devil") by Iraqi insurgents, who actually put a bounty on his head. He's like the American equivalent of Daniel Brühl's character in Inglourious Basterds, only without a vengeful movie theater owner to try to impress.

Jason Dean Hall has been hired to write the script, which Cooper will coproduce alongside Andrew Lazar and Peter Morgan. If all goes to plan, he'll be playing Kyle, though THR's piece on the news doesn't mention who Cooper and company have in mind for Kyle's wife, who is an integral part of the autobiography chronicling not only Kyle's combat missions but the effect they have on his relationship back home.

The big question here, however, is will the movie include Chris Kyle punching Jesse Ventura in the face, which he reportedly did after the Predator actor (and current conspiracy theorist) spoke ill of his fallen friends at their own wake?

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