10 Films Where You Do Not Want to Mess with Brad Pitt

10 Films Where You Do Not Want to Mess with Brad Pitt

Oct 16, 2014

Brad Pitt’s back in the WWII hot seat with this week’s release of David Ayer’s Fury. Given his haircut, accent and tank-riding bona fides, he will play a character you do not want to mess with. This is really nothing new for the actor, and we’ve taken the time to inventory some Brad Pitt characters who will eat your lunch without thinking twice.


Louis de Pionte du Lac - Interview with a Vampire

Louis has a bit of a conscience, which keeps him from enjoying the pleasures of killing people and drinking their blood. So he mostly dines on rats and poodles instead. But don’t let that fool you. When his anger gets going, Louis is kind of ruthless and unstoppable. He totally messes up his good pal Lestat, and does not hesitate to cut Stephen Rea’s Santiago in half with a scythe. He may be a bit mopey, but he’s no pushover.


David Mills - Seven

Yeah, David Mills is a bit of a fool and probably not even all that great a cop. But think about this. If you cut his wife’s head off, he will full-on shoot you in the face. He doesn’t care about his job. He doesn’t care about getting incarcerated for his crime. He will take you out. Simple as that. This is not a guy you want to bluff.


Aldo Raine - Inglourious Basterds

Aldo Raine came to Germany for one reason and one reason only -- to kill Nazis. From the little we get to see, he’s stunningly successful at this. Raine also has no fear. With little more than a dozen words of Italian vocabulary, he will march directly into the heart of the Nazi party posing as an Italian guy without batting an eye. He also has a real thing for carving Swastikas into foreheads.


Early Grace - Kalifornia

Early Grace doesn’t appear to have all his marbles. Whether he’s mentally challenged or just a little extra not smart remains to be seen. But we DO know that he enjoys killing people. He can’t help himself. It’s his thing. Clearly, a guy who murders people for the fun of it is someone you want to avoid. It also turns out he’s extra difficult to kill, so keep that in mind as well.


Tyler Durden - Fight Club

Brad Pitt provides Fight Club with a literal approximation of the alpha dog most beta males wish they could be. And while you can bully some weak pencil pusher at the office, his unleashed alter ego is likely to make you wish you’ve never been born. He doesn’t feel pain, he doesn’t care what you think of him, and in all likelihood he doesn’t take many showers.


Mickey O’Neil - Snatch

You can’t really understand anything Brad Pitt says in Snatch due to his super-thick accent. But when he punches people, they tend to fall down and stay down for a very long time. That’s probably all the communication he requires to get a point across. Furthermore, if you mess with him, you mess with his entire clan, and they do not mess around.


Achilles - Troy

How much more awesome can you get than Achilles, the (mostly) invincible warrior from Greek myth? You can’t! Achilles not only kills his way through the Trojan War (once you actually talk him into fighting), but the Brad Pitt version of the story introduces him in bed after a long night with two pretty ladies. Whatever game you’re playing, just give it up and go him; this guy wins.


Jackie Cogan - Killing Them Softly

This guy. Jackie Cogan is a man of principles. And you don’t want to end up on the wrong end of those principles because once he sees you as a problem, he will exterminate you without batting an eye to maintain a simple and controlled bottom line. If he’s talking to you about business, you’re probably okay. If he’s talking to you like you’re pals, you’re likely a few moments from getting a face full of lead.


Sinbad - Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

This is just voice work, but it still counts. No one can tell Brad Pitt that he never played Sinbad, legendary pirate and adventurer. And for an animated film, stuff gets pretty intense. Sinbad fights a monster, tricks a goddess, almost gets beheaded, and even falls in love. Surely, you don’t want to mess with a guy who can pull all that off in under two hours.


Westray - The Counselor

We don’t see Brad Pitt really get his hands dirty in The Counselor. In fact, he actually suffers what’s probably the film’s most awful, undignified fates (though with this movie, that’s debatable). Nevertheless, he plays a seriously bad guy. You can tell by the casual way he speaks about his deeds that he’s not bothered by some pretty nefarious stuff. It’s a tough world, and Westray’s tenacious enough to be a major player in it.




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