Brad Pitt Eating in Movies Has Inspired This New Cookbook

Brad Pitt Eating in Movies Has Inspired This New Cookbook

Aug 30, 2016

Have you ever noticed how Brad Pitt eats a lot in his movies?

Most notably, his character in the Ocean's franchise, Rusty Ryan, is munching on something in nearly every scene he's in. There have been supercuts devoted to the actor's munching, and in 2011 Vulture managed to list every single food item he'd dined on through that year's Moneyball. Now a publishing company has taken it another level and compiled a cookbook inspired by Pitt's trademark

Titled Fat Brad - The Cookbook, it's described officially as "a definitive exploration into the on-screen eating habits of William Bradley 'Brad' Pitt; part fan fantasy, part filmic study,” and features recipes such as "Bloodied Roast" inspired by Mr. and Mrs. Smith and "Bellagio Shrimp Cocktail" from Ocean's Eleven. Each has a fun photo accompaniment presenting the dish, including a NSFW spread for Snatch's "Game Bird with Taters & Guinness Gravy." 

There's also a burger inspired by Ocean's Eleven (pictured above) and a seafood bisque from Fight Club. The rest will have to be discovered when the cookbook is released in October. You can pre-order now from the publisher, which is also selling some nice Brad Pitt character patches and pins. 




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