Brad Bird May Rescue Period Piece Sea Monsters From Development Abyss

Brad Bird May Rescue Period Piece Sea Monsters From Development Abyss

Feb 02, 2012

If you, like us, have been impatiently waiting for Robert Zemeckis to leave the land of motion capture and head back to the world of flesh and blood, you were no doubt bummed to hear when he vacated the director's chair on Here There Be Monsters. After the Back to the Future director dropped out, the Brian Helgeland-scripted genre mash-up sank into the development abyss, but now Vulture's rumor has it that Brad Bird is possibly out to bring it back to the surface.

It's an interesting choice, mainly because Bird no doubt has a bevy of films he could choose from after the critical and commercial success that is Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, so his tentative involvement is a vote of confidence for Helgeland's script about a British naval officer who, after fighting in the Revolutionary War, is hired by a shipping company to figure out what keeps attacking their merchant ships crossing the Atlantic ocean. And we all know what that means: giant sea monsters!

The project all on its own is an exciting prospect purely because we haven't had a decent sea creature movie in years. Sure, the Pirates of the Carribean have the Kraken, and He is glorious, and the Zemeckis-directed Beowulf did have an hilarious sea monster sequence, but no one is making movies purely about behemoths lurking in the deep blue. We'd love to see Here There Be Monsters rise again, especially under the command of the man who gave us the Iron Giant and The Incredibles and reminded the world over that Tom Cruise is still a viable and exciting action star, provided you give him something tall to climb and a very long distance to run. And who knows, maybe if Bird does board this good ship, in the near future we'll get to see what kind of swimming skills Cruise has.

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