Box Office Report: 'The Hitman's Bodyguard' Wins, Even With Challenge From Harvey

Box Office Report: 'The Hitman's Bodyguard' Wins, Even With Challenge From Harvey

Aug 28, 2017

The Hitman's BodyguardHere's your estimated 3-day box office returns (new releases bolded):

1. The Hitman’s Bodyguard - $10.0 million ($39.6 million total)

2. Annabelle: Creation - $7.3 million ($77.8 million total)

3. Leap! - $5.0 million ($5.0 million total)

4. Wind River - $4.4 million ($9.8 million total)

5. Logan Lucky - $4.3 million ($15.0 million total)

6. Dunkirk - $3.9 million ($172.4 million total)

7. Spider-Man: Homecoming - $2.7 million ($318.8 million total)

8. Birth of the Dragon - $2.5 million ($2.5 million total)

9. The Emoji Movie - $2.3 million ($76.4 million total)

10. Girls Trip - $2.2 million ($108.0 million total)


The Big Stories

While one Hurricane Harvey may be used as an excuse for the lack of moviegoing this weekend, it’s the other Harvey that may find some solace in this week’s numbers. Consider how dim it is out there when even in a traditional dumping ground, like the last weekend before Labor Day, studios don’t even have anything worth dumping.

Well, that’s not entirely true; a lot of stuff did get dumped and we can say something nobody gets to say much these days. The Weinstein Co. was the big winner. Actually “big” may be overstating things a bit, though they did win the battle of the newbies with the kids and got the adults to put the move on their sole Sundance pickup from this year.


One Small Leap

In what may have surprised those in the industry following the trajectory of the Weinstein Co. they finally released Amityville: The Awakening into theaters. Just kidding. Actually it was their long-delayed animated film, Underdogs. Oh, we can’t keep this up forever. Leap! hit theaters this weekend and made $4.3 million.

That’s good enough to get just between the openings of Jetsons: The Movie and Ratchet & Clank. It's 83rd on the all-time animated chart, according to Box Office Mojo. As small victories go, Leap! bested the Weinsteins’ Hoodwinked Too!: Hood vs. Evil, which opened to $4.1 million back in 2011. It’s also the company’s best opening since The Hateful Eight. That film made $4.6 million on just 100 screens in December 2015.

Amongst wide releases, Leap! bested Matthew McConaughey in Gold ($3.4 million in 2,166 theaters) and Michael Keaton in The Founder ($3.4 million in 1,115 theaters). Amongst critics, Leap! tied Smurfs: The Lost Village at Rotten Tomatoes with 37% and was better than 2017’s Spark: A Space Tail (11%), The Nut Job 2 (11%), which fell right off the top ten this week, and The Emoji Movie (8%), hanging out with a total of around $76 million.

The bigger victory for the Weinsteins was getting to watch Wind River jump up from tenth last week to fourth. It helped – as it usually does – to widen its reach by adding another 1,400 theaters to its run. Certainly it wasn’t a huge leap (from $2.9 to $4.2 million) but with the same 85% rating as the studio’s last hit, Lion, Harvey can at least say it’s going to be their highest-grossing film since last year’s Oscar player. Don’t expect the same when (or if) Tulip Fever opens later this week.


The Other Dumps

Blumhouse’s Tilt division had one of them this week; last year’s Toronto Fest pickup, Birth of the Dragon, featuring Bruce Lee. In a supporting role. And not the actual Bruce Lee, of course. A $2.5 million opening in 1,618 theaters is about right in their wheelhouse behind releases The Darkness ($4.9 million / 4% at Rotten Tomatoes), The Belko Experiment ($4.1 million / 53% RT), The Green Inferno ($3.5 million / 33% RT) and Incarnate ($2.5 million / 15% RT.)

Amongst newer films that critics do seem to like, Sony’s release of All Saints ($1.5 million / 89% RT) couldn’t manage to get into the top ten in 846 theaters nor could the expansions of A24’s Good Time ($610,890 / 721 theaters / 88% RT) or Neon’s Ingrid Goes West ($781,750 / 647 theaters / 89% RT).


Tales of the Top Ten

Annabelle: Creation still has another weekend to go before It shifts things from the Conjuring Universe to the Stephen King Universe at the box office. It is currently still over $11 million ahead of the pace of last August’s Don’t Breathe and only slightly off its third weekend. That could all even out over Labor Day weekend, giving Annabelle an actual chance to reach $100 million domestically. It has made over $176 million worldwide on just a $15 million production budget.

Warner Bros. may still be mopping up their King Arthur mess this summer, but between Wonder Woman, Annabelle: Creation, the impending arrival of the biggest September opening of all-time in It and Dunkirk, there is a lot to be happy about. Nolan’s WWII film has crossed $400 million worldwide and its 40% drop this weekend was its largest since weekend two, when it fell 47.3%. Since then it’s been under-40% and while it maintains its pace ahead of Interstellar, it has fallen back a bit and is now looking at somewhere between $185-195 million in the U.S.

Meanwhile, Universal’s Girls Trip is headed to surpass last summer’s Bad Moms. Spider-Man Homecoming has passed The Amazing Spider-Man 2 worldwide with $737 million but still needs another $20 million to pass the first Marc Webb outing. Poor Steven Soderbergh, though. There's some slight comfort, in that Logan Lucky will pass his Solaris remake and likely Haywire, but it may not even gross as much as the filmmaker’s historic debut of Sex, Lies & Videotape, which made $24.7 million back in 1989.

Finally, not to bury the lede or anything, but The Hitman’s Bodyguard was #1 for a second weekend. While it is headed for a final gross between $55-65 million in the U.S. it currently still needs another $78 million before it finds its way into profit. Even with such sub-30% losers as Birth of the Dragon and The Emoji Movie, the average score of the Top Ten at Rotten Tomatoes this week was still 62.9%, up from 60.9% last year, despite a group of 80%+ scores from Don’t Breathe, Kubo and the Two Strings, Sausage Party and Pete’s Dragon.

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[Box office figures via Box Office Mojo.]

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