Box Office Report: 'It' Destoys All Fall Records, Headed for More

Box Office Report: 'It' Destoys All Fall Records, Headed for More

Sep 11, 2017

ItHere's your estimated 3-day box office returns (new releases bolded):

1. It - $117.1 million ($117.1 million total)

2. Home Again - $9.0 million ($9.0 million total)

3. The Hitman’s Bodyguard - $4.8 million ($64.8 million total)

4. Annabelle: Creation - $4.0 million ($96.2 million total)

5. Wind River - $3.2 million ($25.0 million total)

6. Leap! - $2.5 million ($15.8 million total)

7. Spider-Man: Homecoming - $2.0 million ($327.7 million total)

8. Dunkirk - $1.9 million ($183.1 million total)

9. Logan Lucky - $1.8 million ($25.2 million total)

10. The Emoji Movie - $1.0 million ($82.5 million total)


The Big Stories

A chap that likes to talk box office behind-the-scenes with me had suggested some time ago that the newly-released adaptation of Stephen King’s It could be on course for a $300 million domestic haul. Mind you, this was some weeks back and even up until this very week I was shooting down the possibility.

Now there are several factors to still consider regarding a horror film in September posting the necessary word-of-mouth to drive it toward such a number. Whatever the final result will be, I have to give the guy credit. Because not even Warner Bros. could have expected the windfall that descended upon the box office for their film this weekend.


'It' Is The New It

The highest opening weekend ever recorded in the month of September was Hotel Transylvania 2 which made $48.4 million on the last weekend of 2015. Between Thursday night previews ($13.4 million) and its haul on Friday, It had already grossed $51 million. By Sunday night it is expected to be over $101 million and more than halfway to catching Crocodile Dundee ($174.8 million) as the highest-grossing film ever to be released this month. That record has stood for 30 years. The film is at 88% at Rotten Tomatoes – not Get Out numbers – but still very impressive for a horror film.

The Green Mile remains the only King adaptation to even cross the $100 million mark with $136 million. (It has already surpassed all others, including 1408, which was second with $71.9 million.) If we were to check on adjusted numbers for inflation, 1976’s Carrie would approximately have made $145.4 million, while 1980’s The Shining ($130.7), 1986’s Stand by Me ($116.7 million), 1990’s Misery ($114) and 1989’s Pet Sematary ($113.4) all would have cleared the milestone in today’s dollars.

It is the second-highest “R”-rated opening after Deadpool and it could be the first film in September or October to gross over $300 million domestically. It has already tallied another $62 million overseas. On a $35 million budget, Warner Bros. is already well into profit on this one and we’ll watch its prospects closely over the new few weeks.


'Home Again' Home Again...Good Evening J.F.

Warner Bros. will be releasing Blade Runner 2049, all reported 163 mins of it, in four weeks. That has nothing to do with Open Road’s release of Home Again other than a singular reference. It is a more interesting callback and one Open Road would rather us focus on, beside the fact that it will officially be three years since they opened a film to $10 million.

I suppose credit is due that Reese Witherspoon in Home Again is the best opening they have had since 2014’s acclaimed Nightcrawler started with $10.4 million. But so what? Witherspoon hasn’t had an opening this weak since 2010’s How Do You Know during the Christmas season.

This isn’t a Witherspoon problem, though. It’s an Open Road problem in how they are unable to open a film even with a proven box office star. Sure, everyone was seeing It this weekend and Home Again only got a 35% at Rotten Tomatoes. But Witherspoon has had much worse scores from the critics – Hot Pursuit (7%), Four Christmases (25%), This Means War (26%) – and all of those films opened better. The product may be bad, but the studio behind it may have bigger problems.

- Erik Childress can be heard each week evaluating box office on WGN Radio with Nick Digilio as well as on Business First AM with Angela Miles and his Movie Madness Podcast.

[Box office figures via Box Office Mojo.]

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