Box Office Report: 'Gone Girl' Not Gone from #1 Despite Four New Releases

Box Office Report: 'Gone Girl' Not Gone from #1 Despite Four New Releases

Oct 12, 2014

Here are your estimated three-day box office returns (new releases bolded):

1. Gone Girl - $26.8 million ($78.2 million total)

2. Dracula Untold - $23.4 million ($23.4 million total)

3. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day - $18.6 million ($18.6 million total)

4. Annabelle - $16.2 million ($62.1 million total)

5. The Judge - $13.3 million ($13.3 million total)

6. The Equalizer - $9.7 million ($798 million total)

7. Addicted - $7.6 million ($7.6 million total)

8. The Maze Runner - $7.5 million ($83.8 million total)

9. The Boxtrolls - $6.6 million ($41.0 million total)

10. Meet the Mormons - $3.2 million ($3.2 million total)

The Big Stories

Box Office Mojo disappeared. Nobody knew anything and nobody was talking. The greatest site for box office information and statistics was redirecting to IMDb. People were panicking evidently having missed the homepage early Friday morning that changes were being made to the site. Some were blaming Amazon. Others wanted to question Snake Plissken and the whereabouts of the Sword of Damocles. For a brief moment in time it really was a bigger story than anything at the actual box office this weekend. But it's back now and on the bright side until that mystery is solved, the best film in theaters remains at the top for a second straight week.


Any Good Newbie News?

Universal was hoping that Dracula Untold could do for it what Van Helsing couldn't do back in 2004: relaunch its classic monster series, at least on the cheap. The reimagining of Vlad the Impaler's backstory only cost about $70 million compared to the $160 the studio spent on that Hugh Jackman debacle. That film started with $51.7 million to kick off the summer of 2004 and the new Luke Evans project has started with about $23 million. I guess you get what you pay for. Though the $62 million overseas it has made so far will get it closer to getting out of the red.

Disney's Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day got off to a better start than either Muppets Most Wanted or Planes: Fire & Rescue. But only slightly better. Where both of their production numbers came in at $50 million, Alexander's was only at $28 which could ultimately produce a minor hit for the studio if the film has legs. There is nothing else on the horizon for families until Big Hero 6 opens on November 7, also from Disney.

Warner Bros. advertised The Judge as best as it could, trying to sell every angle that the scattershot film had to offer. Blame its $13 million start on the fact that adults are more tuned in to another murder mystery (with much better reviews) right now than Robert Downey Jr. not suiting up as Iron Man or Sherlock Holmes. That is not going to be enough to recoup its $50 million budget here in the U.S. Thankfully for the studio, Annabelle is already into profit even after dropping 58% in its second week. Even that was enough to beat The Judge in its debut.

That brings us to Lionsgate's Addicted, the Zane-inspired tale of sex addiction not screened for critics that should actually rival Left Behind (which is competing against the Mormons for the final slot in the Top 10) as the most unintentionally funny drama of 2014. But the biggest laughter may be coming from Lionsgate itself. It has not been a particularly good year for the studio with losers like I, Frankenstein and The Expendables 3 plus failures The Legend of Hercules and Draft Day coming from its Summit division. So $7.5 million for Addicted might seem like a minor victory, but in only 846 theaters it can actually claim bragging rights on a number of films that got a wider birth and yet a smaller piece of the pie.

Addicted ($7.6 million/846 theaters), Winter's Tale ($7.2/2,965), Step Up All In ($6.4/2,072), Sin City: A Dame to Kill For ($6.31/2,894), Left Behind ($6.30/1,825), Sabotage ($5.2/2,486), Labor Day ($5.1/2,584), Bears ($4.7/1,720), And So It Goes ($4.6/1,762), Moms' Night Out ($4.3/1,044), The Quiet Ones ($3.8/2,027), Vampire Academy ($3.9/2,676), Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return ($3.7/2,658), The Identical ($1.5/1,956)

It is sad if that ranks as the greatest silver lining to be found amongst the new releases this week.


Tales of the Top 10

The best news of the week is David Fincher's Gone Girl retaining the number one spot at the box office putting the film at over $78 million domestic with no signs of slowing down. Sony's Fury should take some of the men away and The Best of Me may take a few ladies but it should be no less than number three next week. It still needs another $88 million worldwide to continue Fox's winning streak. The Maze Runner is now over $200 million total and is a solid hit for the studio.

Sony, meanwhile, is hoping to actually start a winning streak. The $80 million Fury is expected to start well as the studio wants to make it two in a row. Let's not get ahead of ourselves yet though since The Equalizer, even while passing $80 million in the U.S. this week, is still $60 million away from being declared a hit. After the Brad Pitt movie is released, the studio will only have Seth Rogen and James Franco's The Interview and the remake of Annie to make up the losses on a pretty disastrous 2014 for it. Maybe the studio was responsible for the takedown of Box Office Mojo since nobody there wants those numbers to be seen.

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