Box Office Report: 'Captain' Finally Falls for 'The Other Woman'

Box Office Report: 'Captain' Finally Falls for 'The Other Woman'

Apr 27, 2014

Here are your three-day box office returns (new releases bolded):

1. The Other Woman - $24.7 million ($24.7 million total)

2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier - $16.0 million ($224.8 million total)

3. Heaven Is for Real - $13.8 million ($51.9 million total)

4. Rio 2 - $13.6 million ($96.1 million total)

5. Brick Mansions - $9.6 million ($9.6 million total)

6. Transcendence - $4.1 million ($18.4 million total)

7. The Quiet Ones - $4.0 million ($4.0 million total)

8. Bears - $3.6 million ($11.1 million total)

9. Divergent - $3.6 million ($139.4 million total)

10. A Haunted House 2 - $3.2 million ($14.2 million total)


The Big Stories

The ladies have not been very well represented at the box office as of late. Comic book heroes, horror films, spoofs, animated birds for kids and flowing-locks Jesus for certain adults. Meanwhile Jennifer Garner is a business woman in a major sports franchise who is pregnant, dating the general manager and constantly asked for coffee in Draft Day. You know what that means? It's time to get their Real Housewives on. Good ol' revenge on those cheatin' dudes who cannot be satisfied with a Leslie Mann or a Cameron Diaz and have to trade up for an Upton. Considering what the Kingslayer goes through in the movie you would think he just took advantage of his sister at her son's funeral or something.


The Other Demographic Speaks

It has certainly been an absentee year for women-anchored pictures at the box office so far. Aside from franchise wannabes like Divergent and Vampire Academy it has basically been your Valentine's Day remakes, About Last Night and Endless Love and then Tyler Perry's The Single Mom's Club vying to drum up interest from women this year. Divergent was more teen centric and wasn't exactly drawing in the middle aged the way Twilight did. Could have said "mature" rather than "middle aged" but we are talking about sparkly teenage vampires here.

The Other Woman should not be much of a surprise in the top spot this weekend. Captain America had held its own for three weeks and was going to drop into the teens eventually. It was a clear winner this weekend and part of a growing comeback for Fox, which had six straight losers after last summer's The Wolverine and, which despite sweating off its portion of Mr. Peabody & Sherman, is now looking at a potential three-out-of-four streak including Son of God and Rio 2 (which is over $300 million worldwide.) Just as there have been nothing for women in the first four months, there is not much for them in May either as the summer season kicks off with more comic books, wacky comedies, destruction and whatever Mom's Night Out is. The $40 million Nick Cassavetes film may not be a big hit, but it should stick around long enough to be one. Plus it makes a solid notch on Cameron Diaz's ability to draw a crowd.

Charlie's Angels ($40.1), Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle ($37.6), Bad Teacher ($31.6), The Other Woman ($24.7), What Happens In Vegas ($20.17), Knight & Day ($20.13), There's Something About Mary ($13.7), The Holiday ($12.7), My Sister's Keeper ($12.4), What to Expect When You're Expecting ($10.5), In Her Shoes ($10.0), The Sweetest Thing ($9.4), The Box ($7.5)

This start could prove to be a nice lead-in for Sex Tape this summer, Diaz' Bad Teacher reunion with Jason Segel and director Jake Kasdan. Let us hope it is just not nearly as painful as sitting through The Other Woman.


Tales of the Top 10

The late Paul Walker was the draw for Brick Mansions. In three days it has already made more than than its origin counterpart, District B13 plus District B13: Ultimatum plus both of The Raid films. There is not much to say about its $9 million-plus opening except as another underwhelming starter for Relativity studio and a prime example of audiences missing the boat on more exceptional genre fare. The best reviewed new movie of the week was Lionsgate's The Quiet Ones, which actually wasn't screened for critics. It's 39% at Rotten Tomatoes is hardly anything to brag about. Though neither is a $3.8 million opening weekend which is the studio's lowest grossing wide release starter since The Cold Light of Day in September 2012. Anyone remember that one?

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is still doing tremendous business with over $645 million, the top grossing film worldwide of 2014. Though it still needs another $30 million to topple The Lego Movie for number one on its home turf. Divergent is finally on the plus side for Summit/Lionsgate. Will the franchise be completely in the black come 2017 after three more films? Back to the good news, Heaven Is for Real remains a solid hit for Tri-Star/Sony, passing over $51 million this week. And then back to the bad for Warner Bros. and Johnny Depp as Transcendence still has not hit $20 million in the U.S. and continues to wait for some overseas salvation (in the tune of another $60 million) to prevent the film from replacing Pompeii as the biggest loser of 2014 to date.

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[box office figures via Box Office Mojo]




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