Box Office Briefs: A Green Dilemma

Box Office Briefs: A Green Dilemma

Jan 14, 2011

Is it summer already?

Well, no, but it’s never too cold for a good comic-driven tentpole to open at the box office. And this weekend, we have one, with Sony’s The Green Hornet opening at 3,584 theaters, most of them offering the movie in 3D.

Directed by former music and commercial director Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), and starring Seth Rogen and Asian-cinema luminary Jay Chou, the $110 million Hornet is expected to do well, grossing between $40 million-$50 million over the four-day Martin Luther King holiday weekend.

Scoring only a 43 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, it’ll open up alongside an even worse-reviewed (23 percent) Ron Howard-directed ensemble comedy, The Dilemma, which stars Vince Vaughn as a guy who struggles as to whether to tell pal Kevin James that wife Winona Rider is cheating on him.

The Universal-distributed movie, which costs $70 million to make, is expected to take in a middling $20 million, give or take, over the weekend.

One other film opens widely this weekend, the Zoe Saldana indie movie The Heart Specialist will start out in 422 locations nation-wide.

As choices go, it’s no cinematic bananza – but it’s a lot better than December, which featured a number of duds – The Tourist, How Do You Know and Gulliver’s Travels – and numerous other films like Tron Legacy and Little Fockers that, while plenty popular at the box office, weren’t the huge breakout hits some had anticipated.

In fact, it was the least attended December at U.S. multiplexes since 1993.

Here’s how we think the box office will break down this weekend:

Daniel’s Crystal Ball

The Green Hornet We say: $40.0M
The Dilemma We say: $22.0M
True Grit We say: $12.0M
Black Swan We say: $$10.0M
Little Fockers We say: $9.0M
The King’s Speech We say: $8.5M
Tron: Legacy We say: $6.5M
The Figther We say: $5.5M
Yogi Bear We say:$5.0M
Country Strong We say: $4.5M

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