Box Office Briefs: In Case You Weren't Watching Football...Maybe You Were Watching The Roommate

Box Office Briefs: In Case You Weren't Watching Football...Maybe You Were Watching The Roommate

Feb 07, 2011

For true movie fans, Super Bowl Sunday might have been best served gorging out on Doritos in front of the flat screen, rather than coughing up 12 bucks to see low-budget genre fare like The Roommate or Sanctum.

In fact, with only one film grossing more than $10 million at the box office this weekend -- Leighton Meester crazy-girl flick The Roommate did $15.6 million -- there were a lot of people choosing instead to watch a Super Bowl that features a record 14 movie trailers.

What was in store? Well, Paramount paid the $3 million-per-30-second-spot rate to preview Captain America, Thor, Super 8, Transformers 3 and Rango, just to name a few spring-summer releases.

Also showcased were Summit's Limitless and Universal/DreamWorks' Cowboys & Aliens.

As for movie options for the here and now, as stated, those were pretty limited ... and, well, lame.

Overall, the domestic box office was down 21 percent from the same Super Bowl weekend last year, which was led by Sony chick flick Dear John.

With that Amanda Seyfried film breaking out to a monster $30.5 million premiere, and Avatar still very much alive in the market, that box office at least had a pulse.

This weekend's was a downer all the way, with the second-place film, the James Cameron-produced no-name under-water-cave-thriller Sanctum debuting to less than $10 million (it made an estimated $9.2 million).

Exit polling of people who saw the movie was pretty bad, with moviegoers giving Sanctum a "C-plus" Cinemascore -- kind of the same as getting a D in math.

Among happier movie news, Ashton Kutcher/Natalie Portman romantic comedy No Strings Attached grossed a solid $8.4 million in its third week of release. The Paramount film finished in third place.

Also, The Weinstein Company's The King's Speech grossed a solid $8.3 million this weekend, continuing to capitalize at the box office off of those 12 Academy Award nominations.

Here's how the top 10 at the domestic box office fared, compared to our Thursday predictions:

The Roommate Made: $15.0M We predicted: $18.0M
Sanctum Made: $9.4M We predicted: $9.0M
No Strings Attached Made: $8.0M We predicted: $8.0M
The King's Speech Made: $7.7M We predicted: $8.0M
The Green Hornet Made: $5.9M We predicted: $7.0M
The Rite Made: $5.6M We predicted: $5.5M
The Mechanic Made: $5.3M We predicted: $5.0M
True Grit Made: $4.6M We predicted: $4.5M
Black Swan Made: $3.3M We predicted: $3.5M
The Dilemma Made: $3.2M We predicted: $3.0M

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