The Bourne Films Get the Flippin' Treatment

The Bourne Films Get the Flippin' Treatment

Dec 03, 2009

Blu-ray Bob recently reported about Universal’s intention to release DVD/Blu-ray combo discs in an attempt to phase out certain standalone DVD titles. Now Universal has announced that the Bourne trilogy—The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum—will be available individually on BD for the first time on January 19 on what the studio is calling “flipper” discs. The extras will be identical to those on The Bourne Trilogy BD collection except that now the flip side of each disc will contain standard-def extras. "Universal's flipper discs are the perfect way for consumers to future-proof their collections while still enjoying their favorite movies on all their existing DVD players," said Craig Kornblau, President of Universal Studios Home Entertainment. "The flipper disc offers an easy way for viewers to convert to Blu-ray now or at any time in the future, confident in the fact they will be able to experience their home entertainment purchases in the highest quality picture and sound when they do.”

Since both the DVD side and the BD side are double layered, one doesn’t have to sacrifice space at the expense of the other. So why are some consumers chilly to the idea of flipper discs? Like most things, it all comes down to price. If you make the decision to upgrade to Blu-ray, why would you want to pay extra money for a DVD side you don’t necessarily need anymore? Although the DVD side is still convenient for other areas of your home or taking discs to a friend’s house who doesn’t have a BD player, do you want to pay extra for that? Universal hasn’t announced pricing yet for its flipper discs, but if they cost much higher than a standalone Blu-ray we expect them to disappear faster than you can say HD DVD.

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